A brand new resource designed to help teachers in the delivery of dance performance units .

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9-18 November 2015

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‘Mark up has just been invaluable. It really helped students prepare and get into the mind set of how the examiner awards marks.It certainly acted as an incentive to push for more detailed responses in order to achieve higher marks’

Teacher Feedback post 2015 exam

Teaching GCSE Dance for the 1st time?

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GCSE Dance Student Workbooks


Available for:

Faultline, Ghost Dances, Nutcracker, Perfect, Rosas Danst Rosas, Still Life at the Penguin Cafe & Swansong

Answering Technique

Students’ Own Practical Work

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REVISION for UNIT 1 2015/16

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Interactive Guides to the Prescribed Works

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GCSE Starter Pack

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Unit 1 Online Revision

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Can I just take the opportunity to say that the resources you've created have worked wonders for the development in my GCSE results.

Like most dance students, mine are visual learners and they really enjoy the interactive programmes. Thank you for your inspiring resources! 

The Helena Romanes School